Winona Middle School i.t.a. Program

Helping children read!

i.t.a. Classroom-Based Intervention

photo_1Winona Middle School has implemented an intervention model within their language arts classrooms, with i.t.a. tutors, under the direction of the teachers, work with small groups using the initial teaching alphabet (i.t.a.) for development of phonological awareness, spelling, and writing.

i.t.a. Classroom-Based Intervention

photo_4In addition to the classroom-based interventions, one-on-one tutoring is provided for students who need guided oral reading for improvement in accuracy and fluency. Students also develop phonological awareness of how sounds map to spelling in two steps: (1) spelling by sound using i.t.a. to represent the sounds of spoken words; and (2) spelling by pattern to unlock the way that many sounds are spelled differently in different positions in words. During the spelling by sound i.t.a. writing module, students produce a number of original compositions.