Winona Middle School i.t.a. Program

Helping children read!

Cory Hanson, Winona Middle School i.t.a. Supervisor

Cory Hanson has worked with and provided instruction to students in grades K-12 as well as college. He has been a social studies teacher, reading specialist, and master’s degree program director. My introduction to I.T.A was through coursework for my reading teacher’s license, as well as tutoring at the Saint Mary’s University I.T.A reading clinic. As a supervisor for the Winona Middle School I.T.A grant, I provide support to tutors through monthly team meetings and weekly individual tutor meetings. Since 2013, Cory has secured yearly grant funding from the Initial Teaching Alphabet of New York for provision tutoring services for students at the Winona Middle School before, during, and after school.


“On my first day of tutoring, I was presented with a student that had just completed 5th grade and was reading at 17 words a minute at a pre primer level. I hesitantly took out the I.T.A alphabet chart and Book 2 and began working with the student. By the hot reading on day one, the student was reading over 70 words per minute correct, and she began the next day at over 60 words per minute. I have never seen a student make so much progress in one tutoring session.”

Phone: (507) 494-1143

Callie Haugen, Winona Middle School i.t.a. Grant Supervisor

Callie Haugen’s work in education has included teaching 5th through 8th grade students at the Winona Middle School. She has taught 5th grade reading and 8th grade language arts as well as held the title of reading specialist where she taught 5th through 8th grade reading intervention classes. She is currently a 5th grade reading teacher. She also works as an i.t.a. Grant Supervisor at the Winona Middle School. Her role as one of the supervisors is to work with the i.t.a. Tutors by looking at student data in order to make decisions regarding the progress of each individual student.


“I was introduced to i.t.a. at St. Mary’s University while I was in the Masters of Literacy Education program. I quickly became interested in learning more about i.t.a. after hearing about its effectiveness. The Initial Teaching Alphabet was something new to me, and I was working with struggling readers who could definitely benefit from something like i.t.a.”

Phone: (507) 494-1123